Boston Experiential Group (BEG Events)

Boston Experiential Group (BEG Events)

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Sophia wanted a new website that she could be confident sending clients and prospect clients to.

Her old website on Wix had basic functionality, but she wasn't proud of it, nor did it show the breadth of her experience. While she had a slight hesitation about the cost as a small, growing business, she ultimately realized a website was the number one point of contact for her, and that the investment was worth it!

Her new Squarespace website, with Acuity and Mailchimp integrations, is quick & easy for people to schedule consultations with her or join her email list. Now she’s confident about sending people to her website because it shows all that her business is capable of!

”You were extremely patient when explaining everything and SO organized. All of the reminder emails and training videos made completing this so quick and painless! I can't thank you enough for adding a HUGE missing piece of my business puzzle!”

Boston event planner Squarespace website design
Squarespace website for event planner

Do you need a new Squarespace website? I’d love to help! Let’s start with a chat.