Soulspace Meditation

Soulspace Meditation

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Massachusetts meditation website on Squarespace




I’ve worked with Sue quite a bit over the last few years on her yoga business — logo, website, brochure, etc ... and I knew that she’d been dreaming of opening a studio specifically focused on meditation. It was an honor to help her with all of the visual pieces of the puzzle!

• Create a logo & visual brand for new meditation studio that communicates stress-free and approachability
• Make it simple for people to pay for a class-pack and register for classes

Sue wanted the logo to incorporate a flame as it represents the inner fire & the flame of awareness, and the water drop aspect balances it and represents nature & flow. Slate grey, green, white became the cornerstones of the Soulspace brand as a nod to grounding elements, and those colors are naturally calming on our minds.

In preparation for the studio opening, we created the logo, brand style guide, postcards, door hangers, studio signage, posters, banners, welcome materials, and website!

The site leads the visitor to learn about the benefits of meditation, class descriptions, about the instructors, with clear buttons for accessing the class schedule to sign up.

“I have been freed of managing details and I can focus my efforts on what I do best… this is only possible because I have Chantelle running the engine and details.”

Meditation branding and website design
Meditation studio in Massachusetts branding & website
Meditation website design on Squarespace

Do you need the whole-meal-deal AKA logo, brand, website (and maybe more)? I have the perfect package right here!