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Sukeban Creative - Gifts & Events

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Custom gift boxes website design

squarespace website design

• Create a website to launch Sukeban Creative into the world
• Make it easy for people to shop for the pre-curated gifts and contact Stephanie about custom gifts & events

Using some advanced code, I created the gifts shop with easy-to-shop sidebar. Shopping is quick and easy. And the custom services have their own dedicated pages so people can easily contact Stephanie to work together.


In Stephanie’s words:

“I feel as though I am smart and somewhat tech-savvy, so I thought I could set-up a Squarespace page on my own, but it was really time consuming and a difficult learning curve. Time kept marching on and my pitiful first attempt at a landing page kept sitting there...

it was so liberating to hire an expert, and I feel like I will be able to handle the upkeep on my own with the instructional videos provided. It honestly provided the kickstart I needed to have a professional take care of the initial website set-up and design.

I think with any designer/creative project, you are just nervous about whether they will understand your vision and whether the final product will be what you are hoping for. Design can be really subjective, so it is hard to know. You are taking a leap without knowing how it will all turn out. The perfect website for one person might not be the perfect website for someone else.

So, I sent out a few emails out to web designers when I decided I wanted to move forward with hiring someone. Your communication is always quick and efficient, and the systems you have in place to set-up a call are really straightforward and easy to use. You got back to me right away and I was able to set up a call within a few days. I think I had some people still getting back to me even a week later (and I had already made my decision at that point). It was important to me to feel like I was taking steps forward when I had that initial gusto to get moving. Even though we didn't start the project until a bit later, having the call right away made me feel like the project was important to you and I could start to wrap my mind around a timeline.

But *the thing* that made me decide to hire you was our initial consultation chat. I just feel like you got me and what I was trying to do, and that you asked the right questions that pushed me to make critical decisions (like having the e-commerce portion). The conversation made me reflect and refine my business offering and what I was trying to accomplish with the site.

I really liked and appreciated how you took the few elements that I had already created (like the logo/font and the bright pink) and incorporated them seamlessly in the branding/website you created. I have always loved mustard yellow, the colors were perfect, but I wouldn't have been able to put them together myself, and that is a really awesome feeling, like you got it right when I didn't even know that was what I wanted. And I love the clean feel of the site. And the mix of color with white space, black and clean bright images. I just love it. (And other people do too-- I have received a ton of compliments already)”


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