Spark Your Bliss Deck [Card Deck Design]

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This deck of affirmation cards had been a dream of Rachel's, and I was honored to help her bring them to life! It was a lovely collaboration of her copy + hand drawn illustration (by Rachel de Ste. Croix) + me for the design! 


Please don't be discouraged if you don't see something like what you have in your heart – simply reach out to set up time to chat — I'd love to hear about (and help you bring to life) your vision!


Sue B Yoga [Print Design]

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inside of the yoga brochure

inside of the yoga brochure

Sue needed a collection of brochures that she could bring to yoga studios, corporate HR departments, and coffee shops, that could stay together or be used individually. You can't tell from the digital representation, but they're printed on paper stock with some grit to give the grounded vibe that Sue has! 

See the logo & business cards and website I designed for Sue too!