What They Said...


Chantelle’s work has lifted the professional polish on my brand image and allowed me to expand my business so that I can make life easier for my clients and students. Now my audience can reach me easily, know where I am, purchase services easily online. I have been freed of managing details and I can focus my efforts on what I do best… this is only possible because I have Chantelle running the engine and details.

— Sue Bonanno, Soulspace Meditation


Working with Chantelle was a breeze! I get feedback every day about how beautiful my cards are, and I wouldn't have been able to make them so pretty without her! The colors, fonts and layout is everything I asked for and I'm proud to have these babies finally out there in the world :) The response has been fabulous!

– Rachel Kaczynski, creator of Spark Your Bliss Cards


I love it! I'm so proud of the website and I feel like it reflects an excellent first impression that we're putting into the world, plus it's useable for new and existing students.

Chantelle is a true professional - she combines a design sensibility and a focus on usability to create beautiful, functional websites. The best part is because Squarespace is a user-friendly tool, I can work from Chantelle's foundation to update pages or products on my own.

 Kellie P, Founder & Owner - The Works Seattle


Working with you has helped take my practice to the next level in terms of reaching more people and letting people know about me and the services I offer. Having such a great website is a huge part in establishing myself as a trusted psychologist and expert in my field. I wanted a website that would appeal to teenagers and their parents, college students, adults, and other healthcare providers, and now I have a website that I'm proud to share with everyone.

— Jaclyn Wolfman, Psychologist


I couldn't believe how even the first draft of the new page looked almost exactly what I had in my head. I felt like you did an amazing job listening and taking in the info during our initial consultation, so I had almost no feedback. The process was so seamless and clear and I consider it incredible value for the price.

— Alicia B, Yoga Teacher Trainer


Having someone who is a professional AND who I vibed with take the time to understand my personality and what I wanted reflected in my brand. I also appreciated your ability to turn my thoughts and ideas for a logo and website into reality when I am not a tech or design person! I was also very grateful and impressed with the over-and-beyond service that you always offered (setting up my mailchimp and other websites with the new email address, offering to contact google/outlook for my email glitch etc.)

Loved the fact that my brand is now on point and accurately reflects the type of services I offer and to who these services are for. I feel a lot more confident moving forward with my visibility and marketing strategy knowing that my online brand is now congruent.

— Kalila Bodden, MD, Freedom Lifestyle Coach


Chantelle, this is awesome! Thank you so much for your help!  It looks great! I'm thrilled with all the changes you've made and love your additions. Thank you! And thank you for your willingness to meet my timeline!  

— Julia Landis, Life Strategist & Dream Facilitator  


Working with Chantelle was a breeze. She made necessary (and critical!) adjustments to my concept and the turn-around time was quick. She is professional, creative and very intuitive!

– Whitney Lang


I contacted Chantelle because I didn't want to spend a ton of time, effort and money myself in order to make my oh-so-basic site, amazing. She asked the right questions in order to help me figure out the vision I didn't even know I had, and hit the nail on the head with the final product. She was patient and so accommodating with my minuscule detailed updates and never felt like I was bothering her.

– Meaghan Taylor, MTaylor Events

minister website design squarespace

When I was putting together my website I was worried it would look thrown together and sloppy. Meeting with Chantelle and talking about what I envisioned was so comfortable and she really listened to my ideas. She took the stress out of the process and made it seamless and enjoyable. Chantelle is very easy to talk to, and took my jumbled thoughts and visions and crafted the most beautiful, streamlined, and cohesive site. It's more beautiful than I could have imagined, and I have gotten so many compliments on it! 

– M. Weis

public speaking coach affirmation cards

I LOVE THESE!!! It's so amazing that my idea came to fruition even better than I could have imagined!!! Just so BEAUTIFUL! You are so talented !!! Thank you!! 

– Joanne Woods Young


I love my site! It's so much more professional-looking and inspires me to become the person I want to be. Already my business is growing in ways I couldn't have imagined when I started working with Chantelle. More people are reaching out to me than ever before. In just a few weeks of my launch, I have over a hundred new followers. 

If you're ready to grow your business by refreshing the look of your website and creating something that puts you into the bigger leagues, I highly recommend Chantelle. She's knowledgeable and supportive, encouraging and patient, while still holding you accountable.

– Donna Morin, Better Off Well


Before working with Chantelle, I did not feel comfortable sending anyone to the site I was trying to develop on my own. She understood my business model and what I wanted to communicate, and her expertise on non-website related topics was appreciated. The site is clean and simple, but has character, and it's easy to navigate.

– Julia Grimaldi, Coach Julia G


My site feels much more 'me', so I'm welcoming in more clients. Now my site is authentic, aligned and joyful.

– Liza Witonis, Personal Wealth Coach


She is an answered prayer! She is direct, precise, efficient, open, and a true joy to work with. Working with Chantelle freed me up to focus on what's more important for me and my business, allowing me to work on the creative content, my clients, AND not get frustrated or caught up with web, designing, and all of the computer stuff that slows me down! 

I'm so grateful to have Chantelle in my life and business because she not only produces beautiful projects, but truly cares, and has an intuitive awareness and understanding of the process as well as the incredible end product. It's an amazing connection that is felt from the start!

– Tina Marie

Empowerment Coach Website Design

Your knowledge and ability to pay attention to all the details, ie privacy policy, disclaimers etc. Love the way your business is structured with regards to being very upfront about schedule payments etc. It has greatly simplified the whole process of getting my business started, which in turn has allowed me to focus on the other aspects of my business. I felt that I was kept in the loop throughout the entire process. 

Chantelle makes the process effortless! She is a pleasure to work with, and really has a way with understanding what it is you want, even if you hadn't thought of it yet!

— Karen Carter, Empowerment Coach


“I'm thrilled... what a sigh of relief, finally something I can be proud of! I can't thank you enough!! I'm absolutely in love with how my site looks and am so impressed with what you were able to do especially in Wix which I know is limiting.” 

— Liz O’Malley, Makeup Artist