Chantelle Davis-Gray


(Or maybe you’re ready for a makeover)

You don’t just need a logo & website. You’re looking for a visual brand that leaves you feeling confident and represents the heart of who you are. You need a custom logo, hand-picked colors and the perfect fonts. You need a complete website to attract the clients that are a match for your powerful work.

You need the whole meal-deal – the total package.

I’m here to support you with all of it, with some virtual hugs along the way.


In my 14 years of experience as a designer, I’ve learned what it takes to build a strong brand & business. Combined with my training and working as a coach in a do-good, feel-good industry, I created The Total Package both as process and result. It’s the cake and the frosting. A holistic framework for creating your unique visual brand & website, plus the strategy and support to use them to get visible and share your heart with the world.


The Total Package gives you a professional-looking (and heart-filled) brand aligned with your business goals, and a website that captivates your potential clients. You’ll feel confident & empowered to share your work with the people that need it!

 THE DETAILS (because details are my favorite!)


★ Explore Your Brand – this questionnaire is designed to discover the important details that lead to your bigger impact

★ Kickoff call to dive deep and get clear on the direction

★ Moodboard to identify specific colors and fonts perfect for representing you & your business

★ Primary logo and alt logo – in color & black/white – so you’ll always have an appropriate version to use

★ Brand Style Guide including colors, fonts, design elements, and mission so every visual element of your business is cohesive, and you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you need to create something

★ Email support for the questions and worries that pop up – I’m here for you!

★ A custom Squarespace website that will leave you with a stand-out site that shines

★ Training videos so you can make your own content updates going forward (no more wasting time trying to find the right tutorial!)

★ Wrap-up email to leave you feeling confident for the future of your site



Jump in with a free strategy session so we can learn more about each other, and if it feels like a hell-yes for both of us, we’ll get started!

website design for life & business coaches

“Having someone who is a professional AND who I vibed with take the time to understand my personality and what I wanted reflected in my brand. I also appreciated your ability to turn my thoughts and ideas for a logo and website into reality when I am not a tech or design person!

Love the fact that my brand is now on-point and accurately reflects the type of services I offer and to who these services are for. I feel a lot more confident moving forward with my visibility and marketing strategy knowing that my online brand is now congruent.”

– Kalila B., Lifestyle Freedom Coach






Clarity is about figuring out who you are, how you serve your clients, and how you want them to feel while they work with you. The transformation you help them with. Clarity about the vision you have for your business – to keep us both focused on that vision. Clarity so your potential clients can see and understand what you’re about.

And clarity in the actual design. Uncluttered. Uncomplicated. A clear hierarchy so the reader knows which path to follow. So the key pieces stand out. White space to allow the eye, mind and heart to rest. Space to breathe and not feel overwhelmed. A clear path for the visitor to take the action we want (whether that’s clicking “buy now” or signing up for your newsletter).


I'm not creating this brand & website for all of "them" – I'm creating it for you. I care about your clients. Your goals. Your expansion. So while I'm aware of the trends, I'm not going to use them just because they're popular. (I’ve never been one to follow the crowd.) Each font, each color, each pattern or texture needs to fit your business. The voice you're bringing and your heart. 

Maybe you know you want the color red to be part of your brand. Do you know how many "reds" there are!? I'll help you identify the particular shade and tone that suits you. And for your website, I start with a Squarespace template, but that's just the frame of the house. Everything else gets customized. The materials, the fixtures, the paint and the landscaping. Through the magic of HTML & CSS, when your site is done, it'll feel like home sweet home. It's not a cookie cutter approach – each color, font and feature is carefully curated for your business & brand – not everyone else's. 


Because of my early days in a department store buying office, it’s been obvious to me that there's no use in designing something that looks great, if it doesn't inspire action (ie. to click, buy, schedule, email you, etc). Whatever I'm designing needs to provide a function – otherwise it's just art (which has it's place, but not in this part of my work).

Your visual brand & logo function as representatives of you & your business because they're often the first things people see. They'll instantly provoke a feeling; a perception is created, and it needs to be the vibe you want. And your website needs to be easy and enjoyable to use. You need to have the functionality to grow your business, whether that's scheduling, taking payment, email opt-in, or maybe a home for a course. And on a more fundamental level, you want your site to be found in search results and be easy to navigate! 


I love creating websites on Squarespace because it rocks! Here's why:

  • Each template is clean & professional-looking from the start (and then I add the sparkle through design elements and custom CSS so your site fits you!)
  • All Squarespace sites are mobile responsive (everything resizes and rearranges depending on what device you’re on so it's easy to browse ); vital to get on Google’s good side
  • It’s easy for you to make content updates! I’ll give you video trainings, and if you’d rather not update the site yourself after it’s live, I offer a maintenance package for existing clients
  • There are no themes or outside hosting to manage (ie. it's less to worry about than Wordpress)
  • Integrates with Mailchimp, Paypal, Stripe, Acuity, Zapier and many third-party apps
  • As a Squarespace Circle member, I get advance access to new functionality, extended trial periods, and a 20% discount on the first annual payment for my clients!

You’re in the right place if you:

  • Want more time to spend with family, friends, and clients
  • Need a logo & website that not only looks good, but also helps your business grow
  • Don’t want to deal with the tech details required to make the robust site you need
  • Want 1-on-1 attention and collaboration from someone who takes the time to understand your vision and business
  • Are passionate about your work, and care about the impact you make
  • Are ready to show up & share your light with the people you want to serve
  • Have a sense of humor and value the little moments in life
  • Are eager to be proud of your brand & website, and want to share them with confidence

[Bonus if you use multiple explanation points in emails!!]


 Have questions? Pumped to build your new brand & website together, so you can share your work with confidence? Schedule a free strategy session so we can learn more about each other and chat about next steps!


“Chantelle’s work has lifted the professional polish on my brand image and allowed me to expand my business so that I can make life easier for my clients and students. Now my audience can reach me easily, know where I am, purchase services easily online. I have been freed of managing details and I can focus my efforts on what I do best… this is only possible because I have Chantelle running the engine and details.”

– Sue B., Soulspace Meditation